The Overly Emotional Initial Reaction: Bye Week Edition

        Ah, it’s the bye week. It’s an entire Saturday filled with a weird anxiety. You feel as if you are still supposed to plan your day around a certain 4 hour block of time, but there was no 4 hour block of time this Saturday. It’s fine to still put your Vols shirt on and sport it around to whatever event you, or your significant other, planned for the day to fill the void of your Vol-less Saturday.. It’s the little things that help us get through the bye week.

       I hope you treated this weekend as a mental breather, because we have a TOUGH stretch ahead. So get ready. Yes, Auburn lost this weekend. But, we are still headed to Jordan-Hare Stadium. That place is loud and they’re probably gonna be pretty pissed off after the thrashing they took from Mississippi State.

        What I don’t want this weekend to be for our Vols, is the rest in between rounds scene in the Apollo vs Drago fight in Rocky IV. We can’t look at the Georgia game as round 1 in that fight. Then the Auburn, Bama, South Carolina combo to be round 2, were we lay down and get decimated. I don’t want be a fan base as metaphorical Duke (Apollo’s trainer), yelling/screeching “THROW THE TOWEL!” in two weeks. We need to be more like Duke in the barn training montage scene saying “No Pain. No Pain”. And if you haven’t seen Rocky IV, Apollo dies in round 2. Also, if you haven’t seen Rocky IV, go be an American, put your stars and bars shirt on, and watch it…

      Now, I do believe our fearless leader, Jeremy Pruitt, hasn’t stopped gameplanning since he arrived back in Knoxville from Athens. He also soaked in everything Mississippi State did on Saturday to hold Jarrett Stidham & Co. in check. So, I believe we will be ready come noon time on Saturday.

What I want to hear from players and coaches this week are quotes such as:

  • “We had our best practices all year”.
  • “We had guys in here early every morning watching film”.
  • “There weren’t many moments when the weight room wasn’t being used”.
  • “JG and our running backs took the O-Line out for dinner”.
  • “We did acquire some stickem for Jeremy Banks”.

Give us alllllll the cliches.


What we can say about this week is WE. DID. NOT. LOSE! Ok, just kidding don’t be THAT NegaVol. We’re better than that.. But, seriously we didn’t lose.


Have an awesome week everyone. Be sure to join us live on Facebook at 7pm EST this coming Monday night where we we will recap the weekend! Thanks for reading and share with your friends!

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