The Overly Emotional Initial Reaction: UT vs South Carolina Edition

     Well, I feel about as empty as the 3 Modelo bottles sitting on the coffee table. That is one of those games, you look back on and think “We lost the game. They didn’t beat us”. We continued to shoot ourselves in the foot over and over again. It makes me physically ill to think that we can’t beat Will Muschamp. Since he began his tenure in Florida as head coach (2011-2014) and then now at South Carolina, he’s had our number. In the last 4 games we’ve played a Muschamp led team, we’ve lost by a combined 13 points. Once again, I reiterate, it makes me physically ill…

     This was a game Vol Nation had some confidence heading into Saturday. Even though, we took a good ole’ Alabama beat down last weekend. And even though it was in Columbia, there just wasn’t a fear of a weak South Carolina offense, and we are still hanging onto the high from the Auburn game.Then the heartbreaking news of Trey Smith arose, and confidence took a hit.

Monday and Tuesday  50%: “Well, that Hawaiian boy and Bama team are the best team in the country. We can’t compete with that, but we sure can against those little cocks over in South Carolina!”

Wednesday 90%:. The doubt after the Smackdown Alabama laid on us, is starting to fade away and I’m almost ready to believe we should win out the rest of the year.

Thursday 40%:. The Trey news hits. And the overly emotional initial reaction of the news is a little much. The tweets of “who’s going to play where?”, “If our line wasn’t bad enough. Who’s going to play in Trey’s place”, etc.

Friday 67%: I’m coping with the news of Trey and realize we will get the right shuffle on the O-line. And I’ll be honest, weather was pretty crappy in here in East Tennessee. That took some percentage points away, just because of the gloom of the day.

Saturday 85%: Like most Vol fans, if this wasn’t in Columbia I’d be at full tilt confidence. I had zero fear of them going into the game. We know there will be some offensive line struggles here and there, but we will game plan around it.


SEC Network and 7:30 kickoff.

1st Quarter:

SC Ball

  • Todd Kelly getting back at it tonight!
  • OMG. We tackled someone on 3rd down!

UT Ball

  • Eli wolfe you are the worst blocker of all time. That’s a fact.
  • Ugh, 3 and out..

SC Ball

  • Still a terrible tackling team…
  • Great coverage Alontae!
  • Batuli TIP DRILL! Big Shy Tuttle gets the pick!

UT Ball

  • Really trying to get Ty Chandler out in space early. Love it!
  • False start, on the entire left side of the line. Smh
  • Callaway with a good catch and run to get the 1st
  • Tim Jordan with some man yards. Nice 11 yard run for a first.
  • A Fils-Aime sighting. Love the end around call.
  • I absolutely hate this rooster crow sound….
  • Play action, Eli slips up the seem, TD Tennessee!  7-0

SC Ball

  • Ugh, they owning us up front. Back to back solid runs
  • Yea little boy, slide down
  • Dowdle is just owning us right now
  • Great stop inside 10 held to a field goal 7-3

2nd Quarter:

UT Ball

  • Jordan running like he’s still pissed from the Bama game.
  • Not our best series… Tough 3rd down catch by Callaway, better tackle by Brunson. Stopped a yard short

SC Ball

  • We’re all thinking it here: “Jordan Rodgers looks like a tool”
  • Wild cat run with Debo for a first. Their O-line is eating us up.
  • Bentley gets sacked on 3rd down by all 600 lbs of Alexis Johnson and Kyle Philips! Great fake rush then drop back in coverage by Taylor.

UT Ball

  • JG somehow got out of that sack and dumped off to Chandler a very tough 1 yard catch.
  • Third 3rd down penalty we’ve had.. Get it together fellas!
  • JG with 13 yard scramble for a first!
  • Come right back off the right edge with Ty for another first down. (insert feed me hand motion)
  • JG.. You gotta hit that. Set your feet young blood!
  • This rooster crow has to stop!!!
  • JG with a rainbow lob back across field for a “creative” first down.
  • Do you just not want to hit Palmer??
  • Wow, we had good blocking on a WR screen. Callaway first down.
  • Did we really think we’d catch them off guard with a pitch to the short side of the field?..
  • Jenning with a big bank take lil’ bank TD! 14-3  Probably not the best penalty by Jennings, but you gotta let the man know you big bodied him.

SC Ball

  • Alright guys, let’s hold them and get the back ball back after half.
  • Kyle Phillips goes down. Terrified joint “oh no” by fans
  • What. A. Catch. By Debo.
  • What a Cock block by Shy Tuttle! 14-9

UT Ball

  • OHHHH TY! Missed the cut back lane! Could’ve been a huge run.
  • Really pussed out there. Headed to halftime..


3rd Quarter:

UT Ball

  • We are just attacking that left side of the field.
  • Get the ball in Ty’s hands!
  • 3rd and 1, “Hello darkness, my old friend”.
  • Well my Sweet Jesus, we converted a 3rd and 1.
  • Fils-Aime off the end around for the 14 yard TD!
  • Cliche on the Fils-Aime TD in 3,2,1… “He shot out of there there like a cannon!” 21-9

SC Ball

  • Hey Warrior, try wrapping up..
  • Are you kidding me? We tripped up our own blitzer. “Sweep the leg” came into play
  • Cocks are just a little short (hehe). No TD
  • Dadgum it, Cocks get up and pound it in… 21-16

UT Ball

  • Wild cat with Jordan, tough 3rd and 1 run.
  • Our line is getting a good push right now. Back to back good runs for Jordan
  • What a killer penalty, Callaway…
  • Solid kick. Cimaglia stretches out the lead 24-16

SC Ball

  • Bentley with all day to throw. 73 yard throw and catch.
  • Tough to see if that should’ve been a fumble..
  • Caught us napping on the sweep. TD by SC
  • They’re going for 2. Aaaannnd Bentley gets it.Tie ball game. 24-24
  • Camera pans over to Bentley’s Dad (SC’s Running back coach). 100% looks like Paul Finebaum with a full head of hair.


4th Quarter


UT Ball

  • Palmer quit waiting on the ball and go get it! Missed opportunity
  • Tim Jordan with a tough run on the screen. Back to our old friend 3rd and short
  • Another False start on 3rd down….. But fortunately we are 8/11 on 3rd down today
  • JG hangs in there to get it out to Callaway for a 1st down!
  • Bold call on 4th and 7…. Tipped at the line. Turnover on downs.

SC Ball

  • We can’t keep giving up these huge runs…
  • Buchanan just got burnt in 1-on-1. Got lucky on the drop, but of course he gets called for pass interference.  
  • Another 8 yard run on first down.. These Cocks are running right through some big holes.
  • Held them to a field goal. 24-27

UT Ball

  • 6 minutes. Plenty of time and just move it consistently. But everyone in reality is thinking “How can we Vol this up?..”
  • 3rd and 1 QB sneak. Got it.
  • This is eerily similar to last year’s game in Knoxville.. And anxiety is too high right now.
  • Callaway with a nice spin move after the catch to get the 1st
  • Sacked on 3rd down…
  • Andddd false start on 4th down. We are shooting ourselves in the foot.

SC Ball

  • We have 3 timeouts. Gotta get some stops on a rushing attack that’s been making us look foolish. This should be fun.
  • Stuffed them for a yard gain on 1st
  • 30 yard toss sweep on 2nd… Game sealed.


     Absolutely horrendous rushing defense throughout the entire game. Dowdle finished with 140 rushing yards. His last three games combined he only had 116 yards… Now I will give credit where credit is due to South Carolina’s O-line having a great push up front all night and for Dowdle for hitting lanes. But, the main issue of the game was not the controversial fumble that maybe kinda was a fumble that should’ve been a 99 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown. It was our 9 penalties for 75 yards against their 2 penalties for 9 yards.. We hurt ourselves with woeful timing. We had 5 false starts and 1 substitution infraction, 4 of those calls were on 3rd down… I understand this is a new shuffle of the offensive line, and there are going to be some mess ups. And a couple of people playing big minutes at new positions. Here is the thing though, you still know the snap count.

     The coaching tonight just wasn’t up to snuff, especially in the second half. We attacked that short left side of the field all night with screens and dump offs. I personally never saw us run a slip out of that. We went back to being too conservative. Our longest play of the night was 20 yards. What what down the field throws we had were over throws or we didn’t attack the ball well. I do understand, not everyone is going to play our Wide outs 1-on-1 every time like Auburn did. But we just didn’t execute as well tonight and just had too many times of undisciplined football.

     But to leave on a pity laugh, I really wanted to name this the Cock and Vols Edition. But I called scared, so this it my cop out of at least putting it in the article.

Have an awesome week everyone. The headline photos are brought to you by my boy, Reese Shipley. Go check out he and his dad’s Facebook (Bill Shipley Photography). And as always, be sure to join us live on Facebook at 7pm EST Monday night where we we will recap the weekend! Thanks for reading and be sure to share this out to all your friends or just all the acquaintances that Facebook labels as your friends!


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