A Little Titans Perspective

I want to take a minute here and share my outlook on the Titans situation after the trade deadline. At the current moment in time, the Titans fans base is hurting from the “lack of movement” during the NFL trade deadline. Some are now calling the once beloved Jon Robinson a bum in usual fickle Titans fan fashion, and all the keyboard warriors are taking to twitter to flip and flop tweeting as though the Titans have been a complete failure thus far.

Like I wrote about before on ChattTennSports.com, the loss of Delanie Walker has been the biggest hit the Titans never saw coming, which we all know when you don’t see a punch coming, it usually puts you on your back. With that said, I am sitting here wondering what the rest of the season holds. We’re currently in second place in the AFC South with a 2-0 lead over the Texans and Jaguars, yet everyone is believing the press that the Titans only have a 7% chance of making this playoffs. I get it, whine about it, cry about it, but to all you Titans fans, do yourselves a favor and get a journal and stop taking to a public forums about how you think this team is crap.

Through 7 games we’re 3-4 and we’ve lost 3 of those 4 games by a combined 9 points! Read that again just so I know we’re all on the same page. I can go through each game and point to a botched holding call that cancelled out Derrick Henry’s best run of the year that was going to be a touchdown, reference numerous dropped passes that could’ve changed the outcome of a game, or even call out Matt LaFleur for the terrible play call on the two point conversion. The Titans aren’t losing these games to teams that are vastly superior. The Titans are losing these games because they’re beating themselves with mistakes, miscues, and spotty play calling.

With all that said, let’s look at where the Titans are going from here through the next four games..

Cowboys – Prime time game against a 3-4 team and arguably in the same neck of the woods in the Power Rankings that the Titans find themselves right now. This game is a toss-up because we’re all thinking the Titans aren’t clicking 100% on offense, our line is under performing, and our secondary has a knack for getting toasted against deep route, but the same could be said of the Cowboys who’s Head Coach is on the hot seat and they just fired their offensive line coach. The Titans have usually been able to bounce back with a win coming out of a bye week.

Prediction: Win, 21-17

Patriots – I am not going to tire out my fingers typing this. It’s the Patriots and barring any miracles or even if the woes of the Titans improve, I don’t see this being a win.

Prediction: Loss, 35-21

                Colts: Now, let’s be honest. The Colts started the year with one of the worst rosters in the league, and I give credit to their GM for making the improvements he has thus far. However, I think playing the Colts at home with Andrew Luck under center is never an easy feat, but if the Titans get beat handily by the Patriots, I think the veterans of this team are going to provide the needed leadership to get the team ready here. At this point, if the Titans are still struggling like they were prior to the Bye week, then we may as well chalk this year up as a loss but I don’t think that’s going to be the case.

Prediction: Win, 28-10

Texans: Prime time yet again, which is a rarity for the Titans. After week 8, the media is jumping back on the previously over hyped Texans bandwagon because Deshaun finally proved himself to be a solid threat again after 6 weeks of struggling. This round we’re playing in Houston, which if anyone remembers the last time the Titans played at NRG, we got thumped. With the Texans having their fully bolstered defensive line with Clowney and Watt being at full strength (as of week 8), so the Titans will have their hands full. However, I think the Titans defensive front going against one of the worst offensive line in the league, which the biggest issue that no media outlet is talking about, will prove to show our defense as a dominate force.

Prediction: Win, 27-24

Yes, bring on the pitch forks, tomatoes, and cabbage and throw your best rebuttals to my predictions, but I want to make it clear that this is not a bad team. It’s a team that is making too many mistakes and the lack of big plays from big names is why we’re currently 3-4. I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and make sure you join us Monday where we’ll be going live on FB at 6:30pm EST before the Titans take on the Cowboys on Monday Night Football, where we’ll all mute our TV’s so we don’t have to listen to Booger, Witten, and Tessitore embarrass themselves, but make sure you watch the halftime show where another washed up 90’s band like Good Charlotte will perform. Do us a favor, and share this with your friends! As always, Titan Up!


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