Two-Toned Fantasy

The Titans aren’t a fantasy powerhouse.  The Titans aren’t really a powerhouse of any kind, but that doesn’t matter.  Fantasy success doesn’t necessarily mean field success.  The Titans haven’t had much field success either.  Trailing the first place Texas by three games, Tennessee now has a very arduous road to the playoffs.  Hopefully the bye week helped rid the two-toned blue of the bug they’ve had the last month.  A big stage is set in Dallas on Monday night, and we’re about to find out.

Marcus Mariota is ranked 29th among fantasy QB options this year.  He’s behind rookies Sam Darnold and Baker Mayfield.  He’s behind the now-benched Nashville native CJ Beathard.  Luck is 2nd, Watson is 8th, Bortles is 15th and that’s just the division.  They must be running the ball, right?  Dion Lewis is 33rd and Derrick Henry is 55th.  Your Tennessee Titans don’t have a single receiver in the top 50.  Let’s not even talk about tight ends.  The defense is 20th in points.  The scoring format and provider don’t really matter with those rankings.  I’ve watched a lot of this season and nearly every minute has been painful.

What the Titans have done is beat the defending AFC Champion Jags and the current leader Texans.  They also beat the defending NFL champions.  That was pretty cool.  What if Tennessee won out except for the perennial juggernaut Pats?  What if they beat the Colts twice, as well as the Jags and Texans again? I don’t think the Giants, Jets, or Redskins are unbeatable.  I don’t think this is out of the question.  I do believe they get that crucial win on their first of two Monday night games in Texas this season.  My argument is thin and bias, but I really feel like this team could still make a run.

Either Vrabel and Lafluer are the guys or they aren’t.  Jon Robinson is what we brought him in to be or he isn’t.  Mariota is a NFL starter or he isn’t.  These are all things to which my gut tells me the former.  The team allegedly had Derrick Henry on the trade block during our super quiet deadline an didn’t get offered what we thought he was worth.  That’s not a great sign considering his lackluster young career.  The bye week could create some previously scarce momentum behind the team.  They have nothing to lose and that’s nothing new.  They have nobody taking them seriously and that’s not new either.  Those things never matter to this team and that’s what I love about them.

I think the Titans get back on track tonight.  I think they win, in impressive fashion, against a wishy-washy Cowboys team.  I think coaching and direction are the difference.  I don’t want the brunt of the load on Mariota and I’m not alone.  The signing of a FB suggests the greatly needed commitment to the run game that a volume-back in Henry needs.  Two weeks of OL practice is enough to get even the sloppiest front 5 in order.  However, Tennessee’s OL isn’t bad and Mariota can win.  I think he and Lafluer get more in-sync and so does the offense in general.  If the defense cleans up its struggling yet talented secondary, they may just be a playoff team.  I think this very new coaching staff has a much better understanding of what this team is and isn’t.  I’m not willing to bet last night’s leftovers on a word of this pipe-dream, but I’m here to tell you it’s a possibility.  Only time will tell.  Titan up, folks.

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