The Overly Emotional Initial Reaction: Charlotte Edition.


      Ah, the take your kids to their first Vol’s game, game. This is the home match up every year where you get to see pictures or your friends, or people who Facebook claims are your friends, take their kids to their first UT game. This game is one where we are supposed put up a bunch of points and get a win and those young kids think they watched an amazing team. Boom, now we have future Vols. Well, I sure hope the kids that went this week love punters and good defensive football..

      I never had a doubt in my mind we would lose this game. BUT, we won ugly this week. I mean morning after a bachelor or bachelorette party type of ugly… You might have had a great time and you’ll look back and call it a win, but no one is walking out of that game without a little bit of a sick feeling. Lets into some of the reactions we had this week.

1st Quarter

UT Ball
– “Hell, I thought Banks was at linebacker!”
– DeLuca, what a name .
– How can we not drive on Charlotte??

Charlotte Ball
– Yea… their QB, Shirreffs, has the Sherrif’s (Peyton Manning) speed… Don’t think we’ll be worrying about the QB Draw today.
– That’s what I get for making fun of him, first down
– NOT A Fumbbllee…
– Good tackle, Kirkland
– Get that stuff outta here, says Mr. Phillips! Batted down at the line forces a 4th down.
– CALLLAWAY 82 YARD PUNT RETURN! Touchdown Tennessee! 0-7

Charlotte Ball (again)
– Alontae, just be smarter… Targeting confirmed.See ya against Kentucky..
– Kyle looking like Anthony Davis out here with all the swats
– Good pressure again forces the punt

UT Ball
– I see our O-line still enjoys coming out with slow starts…. Banks with a 3 yard loss
– Ooooo JG with a Beautiful back shoulder throw to Palmer! TD! 0-14


2nd Quarter

Charlotte Ball

– Snoozefest of a series. Force a 3 and out

UT Ball
– Deluca is a baller. Led the NCAA with 5 forced fumbles last year
– Good reverse with Fils- Aime
– Well that series flat lined..

Charlotte Ball
– I know it’s Charlotte, but man it’s good to see that kind of gang tackling
– Good tackle to save that screen from being a big play, hold them on 3rd down.
– “Haha, that punt looks like me off the tee box”. – Announcer. Sweet basic dad joke…

Tennessee Ball
– Great 11 yard throw and catch on 3rd. Unfortunately we can’t block and were in 3rd and 14. Forced to punt
– Punters really getting that work today

Charlotte Ball
– Hey boys, let’s slow this Rico Arnold cat down
– Well that hole couldn’t be any bigger. Lemay with a 12 yard gain
– Kyle Phillips! My man. 3 yard TFL
– Gooden, our Last Chance U boy, with a big tackle  
– I don’t like this what so ever., Charlotte continuing this methodical drive
– Wow, Shirreffs with an airmail throw. Missed a wide open tight end. Lucky break on our part.
– Held them to a field goal. 3-14
– Why are our fans booing a kneel down before half?… This isn’t Madden where you can score in 17 seconds anytime you want.

3rd Quarter

Charlotte Ball
– Ugh, Buchannon got shook. Gain of 16.
– Hold them on 3rd
– Showed highlight of Callaway punt return. Just as good the 2nd time
– “Good gosh that Jordan Rodgers Velveeta commercial is soooo terrible”.

UT Ball
– 1st down: Catch the ball!
– 2nd down: Block people!
– 3rd down: great catch Wood-Anderson
– JG, I salute you. Takes an absolute shot as he completes 45 yard Flea Flicker ball to Palmer.
– Watching Banks with a full head of steam is fun
– Oh, back to being bad at run blocking.. Their 6th Tackle for loss
– You have one job Cimaglia! I can miss field goals too, Brent!

Charlotte ball
– Remember that Shirreff’s being slow comment? He’s still slow, but says I don’t care and scrambles on 3rd for a 15 yard gain.
– Held them again

UT Ball
– JG is playing with a little bit of the yips.
– Loving the connection of JG and Wood-Anderson today
– Another QB hit. Lucky to recover the fumble. The right side is getting whipped
– Yayyy. We get to punt again

Charlotte Ball
– Back to back great defensive plays! Batuli rocks LeMay.
4th Quarter
– They showed the Jordan Rodgers Velveeta again… Shoot me now.
– LETS GO KYLE! Reallll close to a safety. What a defensive series!

UT Ball
– Callaway gives us a good punt return, but of course we Vol it up and get a block in the back
– Well hey, a first down run for positive run.
– “My goodness, we can not move the ball today”.
– Doyle getting plenty of reps today…

Charlotte ball
– Our defense looks fantastic in the 2nd half. Another tackle for loss
– Hold them again. Never would’ve thought today would be a Punters dual… puts us back inside our own 5

UT ball
–  Ok, taking a deep shot on first down from our own goal line works out. Got a pass interference call.
– Our play action has zero effect on them…
– Terrible series.
– The Punter battle continues on!

Charlotte Ball
– Put a big hit on Shirreffs, but he throws a good ball to the wideout for a first
– Good stop on 3rd
– And another good stop on 4th!

UT Ball
– It’d be great to bleed the clock. Unfortunately, that requires having a good run game..
– That sarcastic comment above, That gets a rebuttal of a 10 yard run for a first
– Banks almost busts another! Buttt a face mask on us…
– Nifty little cut back Jordan! Gets 9 of those penalty yards back
– Doyle gets the last kick of the night to get the W in the Punter’s dual!

Charlotte Ball
– Lets go Bryce! Picked off!

UT Ball
– Let Rocky Top ring. Ball game.



      We can talk about how our offensive line can’t block a middle of the road Conference USA team. We can talk about them winning time of possession 33:13 to 26:47. BUT, in the words of the wise movie character Dominic Toretto “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning”. If a Vin Diesel character says it, it has to be true. That’s my logic on this game, and I’m sticking to it. We are 2 wins away from going bowling. So let’s take the confidence from just getting a W and start game planning for Kentucky.



Have an awesome week everyone. The headline photos are brought to you by my boy, Reese Shipley. Go check out he and his dad’s Facebook (Bill Shipley Photography). And as always, be sure to join us live on Facebook at 6:30 PM EST Monday night where we we will recap the weekend! Thanks for reading and be sure to share this out to all your friends or just all the acquaintances that Facebook labels as your friends!

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