Back In The Running

The Titans coming out of the Bye week did not disappoint, which was very nice to see after losing 3 straight. After beating the Cowboys on the road, most fans wouldn’t say that they have had their confidence in the Titans completely restored while a handful of people claim “their confidence was never shaken.” Regardless of where you fall regarding your own confidence, the Titans won in impressive fashion in Dallas. The first quarter was far from perfect with Mariota getting strip sacked then later fumbling a hand off to Dion Lewis, which caused some fans to turn the game off so they wouldn’t have to say up to watch the two-tone blue get whooped.

Now, I know we have spent some time throwing shade at Titans and Vols fans for struggling in their loyalty to these teams. When the Titans are hot, fans scream “I never swayed,” yet when they’re losing or not making trades, some can start calling for jobs and throwing out the four letter “B” word, “Dude is a bust!” Like I wrote about last week, the Titans have lost 2 games by 1 point, lost to the Dolphins in the weirdest NFL game in history so let’s take it with a grain of salt. The coaches have found ways to win games we should’ve lost, and we’ve lost games we should’ve won – it’s the NFL, and it happens. The fact is, the NFL and Titans fans alike, still don’t know what this team can really be.

For anyone who wants to stop complaining for a second and take a look at the current situation realistically, you cannot deny that the Titans – Mariota in particular – played their best game in quite some time. Before anyone saying, “It’s just the Cowboys, let see how we do against the Patriots,” I’ll say, I don’t disagree at all but were you not the same fan saying “We lost to the Bills? They’re awful! Fire everyone!” How are you going to call for jobs when we lose by a point to a bad team, but we beat a .500 team by two touchdowns? I’m telling you, again, if I were a Titans player, I would hate playing for such fickle fans, but that’s not why I’m here.

I’m here to let everyone know that the Titans, I believe, are a team that is going to keep their mouths shut, win some games, and put themselves right back in first place in the AFC South. We’ve already got a 2-0 record in the division, we play the Pats, Colts, then Texans which are all games I believe we can and should win. While you all say, “OH THE MIGHTY PATRIOTS” – this is a team that has lost to teams that I know are not as good as the Titans, which are the Lions and the Jaguars. Vrabel and this staff have proven themselves to be able to scheme and win games they shouldn’t. We did that against the Eagles, and before they started to implode, the Jaguars, not to mention the current first place team in the AFC South, the Texans. So please don’t tell me or act like the Titans will be picking in the top 15 in the draft.

One key thing that the Titans showed me against the Cowboys is that this coaching staff is finally learning how to call plays for Mariota. It’s not about throwing bombs and being anyone else than who Mariota has shown Titans fans what he can be – the most efficient Red Zone QB in the NFL. They had some plays where Mariota threw a dime pass to Darius Jennings over Sean Lee for a big gain, but that wasn’t the main source of movement down field. Screens, Run Pass Options, Read Options, and that gorgeous shuttle pass to Jonnu Smith. Its about getting the offense inside the Red Zone and let Mariota play his game. The Titans coaching staff did that, and I was dancing in my living room the entire time.

I will leave you all with this – I am a fan of this team. I am not trying to be a media member who is trying to bend over backwards to make a dime covering them. I love this team, and I have for a very long time and I get the reluctance that most (if not all) fans feel towards this team. So do me a favor – we’ve all lived through the good, the bad, and the ugly, but for the love – give the Titans credit when it’s due. Don’t piss on the best game they’ve had in years because they didn’t beat a top 5 team. It’s a step in the right direction, and frankly, it’s going to be a week by week thing until this season is over. So buckle in and let’s believe the best for the team, since they’re busting their butts to give us a good product.  As always, Titan Up!

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One thought on “Back In The Running

  1. Here’s the truth. I love this team. I am just tired of the style of offense they run… They constantly FORCE the run. We run nearly EVERY 1st down. There are 2 games this yr we did not force the run on 1st down. The Eagles & Cowboy games. In those games; we played like the team we want to see. I have NO ISSUE w/Marcus. I believe he is doing the best he can w/what he is given in this system. I just feel the offense has MOSTLY been the same as the offense Mularkey ran. We all (Well MOST of us) wanted Mularkey out because we was too stubborn w/the run. Yet we have ran more w/this staff than we did under Mularkey. 27.2 times/game w/Mularkey 27.4 times/game w/this staff. I honestly feel like we are hand-cuffing our QB & WRs. They cannot prove how good they are because they only get limited snaps to prove it… Just like the offense under Mularkey.

    I am proud of what they did in the Cowboys game. After the 1st quarter… I just still do not believe they will not go right back to forcing the run this week vs the Pats. After the Eagles game we thought they were finally opening up the offense & allowing Marcus to play. However, the following week vs the Bills we ran almost every 1st down; & FORCED a failing run game. Vrabel said in his introductory PC: “We are not going to do anything SILLY like run into 8/9 man boxes.” Yet we have CONSTANTLY done exactly that. I want this team to FINALLY run a modern offense!!! The results when we do show a completely different team (See Eagles/Cowboys games)… However, far too often we go right back to forcing a failing run game & an 80’s style offense. Holding our QB & WRs back! Yes, I know; the WRs have drops. However, they get less chances to redeem themselves than any other WRs in the NFL. The proof?? Before the bye we had attempted less Pass Attempts than ANY TEAM IN THE NFL.. Including teams starting Rookie QBs!! I would expect that IF we had proven we had a dominant RB duo… However, Henry has been HORRIFIC.

    I have faith in Marcus. I actually believe in Corey Davis. I just do not know (Because they have not shown us) that the Coaching Staff will continue to do what they do best! If they had shown a willingness to PASS on 1st down; I may believe more in the team. I do not want them to pass every 1st down. I KNOW they NEED to run the ball effectively. I want them to mix it up! NOT RUN NEARLY EVERY 1st DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

    When we finally put together back to back well called offensive games; I will have more faith in the staff. I believe in the players. I just do not think we are giving them enough chances to prove who they really are!!

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