In today’s day and age, it’s a time that we have an unbelievable amount of information at our fingertips. For whatever hobbies you have – sports, movies, books – you can find hundreds of opinion pieces and articles about your favorite things. It’s amazing how in sports that we no longer have a standard for the information that is being put out. Most major sports outlets have tried to differentiate themselves from the other and most people have their particular outlet they follow. However, when it comes to most outlets, there has been a shift from well written articles to, honestly, just flat out lazy writing.

For anyone who knows me, I have made my case against Bleacher Report. Their inconsistency in reporting the facts, versus strict opinions, has become something that I haven’t let get to me because it’s let to me just simply cutting them out of my timeline, twitter feed, and Instagram feed. But something happened this last week that made me want to write this.

The Tennessee Titans beat the brakes off the New England Patriots, and it wasn’t even close. There isn’t a Titans fan on earth that honestly thought they would win, because the Titans themselves have been inconsistent this year. However, the days following the game the immediate response from some (not all) major outlets is the narrative that the “Patriots dynasty is over.”

As a Titans fan, I find this blatantly disrespectful. It’s almost like saying, “well if the Titans beat them that bad then man the Patriots are really falling off.” When Kyle Brandt of NFL Network responded to Taylor Lewan’s post game comments about how “it’s time for Nashville to get some respect,” I wasn’t happy. I am the kind of guy who shows up and shuts up, and for Lewan, who has since learned his lesson, to speak out and demand respect is a mistake, in my opinion.  The issue here to me is the national view of the Titans is exactly what Kyle described in his rant response to Lewan. I get it, and I agree with the majority of it, because the Titans haven’t done anything to convince them otherwise. Here’s my question: How are the Titans supposed to get respect when the national media’s knee-jerk lazy reaction is about the team that got whooped, versus giving the credit to the team that won?

I am the first to make a case for Tom Brady as the greatest Quarterback to ever play, but did you see this defense? Did you take a second to look at the disrespected 5th overall pick in Corey Davis? Did you see the scheme that the Titans coaching staff made to beat a team that hasn’t missed the playoffs in nearly 3 decades? No because you’re too busy kissing the red, white, and blue New England Patriots butt!

As much as the NFL loves to hate the Patriots, they know very well that if that Patriots aren’t winning, they lose millions of views over the course of the NFL season. Titan’s fans don’t realize how much of the “little kid on the playground” the Titans are. The Tennessee Titans are the Doug Flutie of NFL teams. They’ve got to work twice has hard to get half the respect of any other team. Look at how the NFL has embraced the Jaguars over the course of the last few years. They love the concept of “Sacksonville” and I am convinced they push these media outlets to promote it.

The Titans have beaten both teams that appeared in last year’s Super Bowl, as well as the Texans, Jaguars, and are 2 points away from being 7-2. Nobody is talking about this! I get that “the only thing that matters is winning,” and you’re not wrong, but do not be surprised to see the Titans win the majority (if not all) of their remaining games this year and the national media will clinch their jaws as they have to report this team is winning.

I’m not trying to write a book about this, so before I do, I am going to bring this to a close. Fact is, Titans fans (and players should any of them read this) – do not ever expect this team to get the due respect even when the time comes. The Titans had to make Broadway look like Woodstock to earn the opportunity to host the 2019 NFL Draft, and I’m honestly still shocked they’re hosting it. But let me tell you this, when the wins start rolling in, and you’re seeing these lazy articles about how the other teams lost the games versus the Titans winning them, band together and scream “TITAN UP” at the top of your lungs!


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