The Overly Emotional Initial Reaction: Dooley Returns

It was the perfect set up for game day. The ChattTenn Sports team all piled in Casa De Winn and the kitchen counter top lined with 3 crock-pots, all filled with different football delights.There is the sweet tasty goodness of little smokies, the hearty change of pace broccoli and cheese soup, and lastly the GOAT of game day foods: buffalo chicken dip.

Coming off the win over Kentucky I truly believed we were going to pull this one out and go bowling. Before Saturday, in all honesty, I’ve watched Drew Lock play 3 or 4 quarters all year and I thought that was enough to show me he was OK at best. I figured Mr. 3 and out himself, Derek Dooley, would show his old losing ways in Neyland. Boy was I wrong….


1st Quarter

Missouri Ball

  • our typical run defense starting off pour, once again
  • Good D Alontae!
  • Beautiful great 3rd down defense in the red zone!
  • Oooooo thought we had a chance at that block 3-0

Vol Ball

  • rushing attack: still mediocre
  • JG has taken too many big hits this. Sacked on 4th

Missouri Ball

  • Gary is madly in love with Lock…
  • Man, Pruitt looks good in that White
  • Our Secondary is playing so well
  • SIT DOWN LITTLE BOY! Big hit on 3rd

Vol Ball

  • We. Can’t. Block. Anyone!
  • Just get out of there and punt. Second straight 3 and out hurts

Missouri Ball

  • I hate this Drew Lock side arm this
  • Ugh then they show his stats at UT
  • Great contain by our front 7
  • Too easy for a 3rd down throw..
  • Another solid stand for the D. 6-0


2nd Quarter

Vol Ball

  • What a catch that would’ve been
  • Third straight 3 and out

Missouri Ball

  • Gotta get to that throw some how. But solid throw my Lock
  • Coverage. Sack.
  • Not our best punt return..

Vol Ball

  • Keller time!
  • What a beautiful touch throw to Jennings
  • Ty Chandler Touchdown! 6-7
  • OMG what a beautiful squib kick. Gotta come up with that ball

Missouri Ball

  • what a drop
  • Dang it. They answered. 13-7
  • Girls in the room “Those Missouri cheerleader outfits are hideous”

Vol Ball

  • probably not the best throw. But great catch Callaway
  • Tough settling for a field goal inside the 5..

Missouri Ball

  • they are making this drive look easy
  • lol what a terrible drop.
  • Be smart Taylor…
  • Damn. That was a good route.. 
  • Finally got the PAT block. Could make a huge difference. 19-7

Vol Ball

  •  Great return. Let’s get going!
  • What a cut! Chandler with a huge run
  • Ouch. Gotta get that ball down. Had DMW open
  • Jesus. What an awful miscommunication. Missouri INT… ran back to the 11.

Missouri Ball

  • Put our defense in a tough spot, starting out inside the 15.
  • Ugh, TD Missouri 26-10


3rd Quarter

Vol Ball

  • Brice with another good return to start the half!
  • Just put it up in the air and Callaway will get. Big time catch.
  • Soft pass interference call. But we’ll take it!
  • (slap hands!) Walk in TD for Ty! 2nd for him today. 26-17

Missouri ball

  • Ugh. Without that terrible block that’s a freaking pick six
  • Oh great, our bad tackling came back.
  • Ugh we just can’t stop them. 33-17

Vol Ball

  • ooo gotta wait ½ a second Keller
  • Well that should been face mask.
  • Wowwww could not have had a worse fumble Fils-Aime. Missouri takes it to the house. 40-17

Vol Ball

  • I can’t believe we almost lost another fumble

Missouri ball

  • Good defense. But we Vols it up with a roughing the passer call (bangs head against wall)
  • And Avery carries a pile of Vols for a first (face palm)
  • Fumble! We got it!

Vols Ball

  • what a terrible series

Missouri Ball

  • New series, same result: We can’t stop them..
  • We are almost giving up


Let’s Get This Over With Quarter

Missouri (cont.)

  • Update: We still can’t tackle
  • Guess you can say we held them… field goal 43-17

Vol Ball

  • Do better Offensive Line!
  • What a rough hit on the punt return. Hate to see a guy lying like that. Targeting coming.

Missouri Ball

  • not their best series. Get them on a 3 and out

Vol ball

  • Poor Keller. He did not think he’d be running this much
  • Andddd he also didn’t think he’d have this many picks..

Missouri ball

  • They’re making interstates for their running backs
  • This is brutal to watch now.
  • Sure just give them the first down on an offsides
  • Lol the scored again. 50-7


      Guys you can hate on my fandom all you want, but I’m ending this. This hurts. I’m going to get more buffalo chicken dip and eat my sorrows away.


      That was like watching your best friend get beat up in a fight, that you can’t help stop… Really felt on senior day we would have rallied up more, guess not. I think we all have a few bitter feelings toward Dooley, due to the amount of losses he helped us with. Now he helped do that from the opponent sidelines (or booth in his case).

      I’ll be in Nashville for the Vandy game, and I’ll be an absolute nervous wreck. Living in Nashville made my dislike for Vandy a real thing. Especially living there when they’re beating us. So knowing the fact they could keep us from calling this a successful season, hurts. Have an awesome Turkey Day everyone.



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