Uncle Kibby’s Weekly Locks (11/23)

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt

Spread – +3.5(UT):  Taking Vandy here.  Hate to be “that guy” but I have very little faith in this Tennessee team and their ability to TCOB tomorrow.  I think Shurmer torches this young secondary, albeit a talented one.  I hope I’m wrong, but this Volunteer team is a long way from deserving a bowl bid.

Over/Under – 50:  Taking the under here.  I think this late in the year, with this much film on each other, this game is a little lower scoring than this.  Both teams have points for and points against hovering around 25, but I think the rivalry makes this one a little grittier.

Score Prediction:  28 to 17 Vanderbilt

Titans vs Texans

Spread – +6.5(Titans):  Once again going with the opposing rivals.  I think we lose by more than a touchdown.  Our seemingly air-tight defense is averaging over 30 points against in the last 3 meetings.  Our offense has hit a wall… again.  I’m not sold on Mariota’s health, whether it’s mental or physical.  This Houston team has rattled off 7 straight.

Over/Under – 41.5:  Going with over.  I see more of a shootout in this rivalry.  Houston is talented and Tennessee shows up when they’re supposed to be underdogs.  It’s Monday night, the lights are bright, and I feel a barn-burner.  Titans continue their slump and Texans continue their roll.  Titans will be forced to win every divisional game from here out and they may do just that.

Score Prediction:  31 to 21 Texans

Weekly Freebee

Giants vs Eagles

Spread – Eagles -6:  Take this one to the house.  Eagles get back on track and smoke a jabroni-ridden Giants team, led by the mouth-breathing extraordinaire Eli “the other” Manning.  The Eagles have been beat up by the super bowl slumps this year.  This is the week they turn it around and make a push in the very winnable NFC East.

Over/Under – 47:  Take the under!  I think it’s a trouncing in the making, but an ugly one.  Both teams are averaging around 20 points for.  Both are struggling offenses.  Once again, I think the mutual hate and large amounts of film makes this one a defensive struggle.

Score Prediction 27 to 13 Eagles

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