For the first time since the end of the season, Jeremy Pruitt took to the podium Wednesday to discuss the results of the Early Signing Period. During the press conference, Pruitt was detailing each players intrigue to him and his staff, how they can be utilized, and what their commitment means to the team. The elephant in the room was the unaddressed topic of the lack of an Offensive Coordinator. When asked, Pruitt responded with..

“I’d rather talk about recruiting right now. Ya know, the offensive coordinator sometimes is overrated. You look, and you watch these teams out here, and there are some of these teams that it probably doesn’t matter who the offensive coordinator is – based off talent, or lack thereof. So I think the most important thing right now is recruiting.”

The response caused the Tennessee fan base, and and some media members, to scratch their heads.

Personally, David Ubben, I love my Apple Watch, but I am not going to die on that hill.

Now, Jon Reed, this was spot on my reaction. Bravo, good sir!

Let’s take a deep breath here. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I am not calling it right. The extremism in this post got a good belly laugh from me, and knowing Nate, it’s meant in good fun.

However, I know that there are fans that are still recovering from the Head Coaching Search of 2017. My thoughts and prayers are with you, but let’s be honest here; this is a new regime with Fulmer as AD and Pruitt as HC. Sure, there are rumors that the “AdMiNiStRaTiOn Is GeTtInG InVoLvED,” but please, don’t believing everything you read on the internet. I believe the “OC’s are overrated” comment can show that this decision is in fact Pruitt’s decision, along with the support and assistance of Phillip Fulmer.

Frankly, I agree with Pruitt, and it goes to show that his focus isn’t on filling a Coordinator spot, but on getting the most talented players that will buy in to what the Coaching staff is trying to do during this Early Signing Period. Did Nick Saban hire Steve Sarkisian because he was laying hands on players and making them Heisman winners? No, he hired him cause he could get a cheap Assistant coach, and Saban’s got a knack for helping troubled coaches. I mean, look at the NFL and CFB both and tell me that a successful OC is going to be a home run HC. It’s not always a sure fire thing that if a guy like Kendal Briles, Freddie Kitches, or Joe Osovet would come in as OC, that we’re going to beat Georgia or Alabama – FOLKS, WE’RE TRYING TO BEAT FLORIDA AND VANDY STILL! Let’s walk before we run, and for the record – say what you will about Tyson Helton, but I wouldn’t want to be judged or my offense measured by the terrible performance the offensive line gave last year.

I’m not here to shame anyone, point fingers, or call anyone out, but let’s not make this ant hill of a comment into a mountain cause we’re already bored of the off season after a lackluster 5-7 record season. The rebuild starts with the talent, not coaches, and I will be the first one to admit I have to sit on my hands and say “I trust Jeremy Pruitt” even when I don’t 100% believe it. What I do believe is that he has the knowledge and experience to know what it takes to build a team that can win. So I will say this to us all, myself included – relax.

As always Vol Nation, Go Big Orange and Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!

Here is the video of Pruitts comments from WBIR Sports for anyone wants to hear it from the horses mouth.


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