What Colin Cowherd’s Praise Of The Titans Really Means..

The Cleveland Browns have won the 2019 NFL Free Agency period, there is no doubt and zero debate. They landed one of the best WR’s in the game, and Browns GM John Dorsey is rumored to be looking to get back into the 1st Round to land another top notch talent. However, on Thursday April 18th, Colin Cowherd popped the overfilled and over hyped bubble of the Dawg Pound, but what’s really drawing the attention of Titans fans was Cowherds unexpected love for the Titans, Head Coach Mike Vrabel, and new Free Agent additions.

This time of the year is typically slow for Sports talk, and some fans write off what is being said for the sake of the shock value that most talking heads are trying to put out. However, even as a Titans fan, the shock of hearing Cowherd talk highly about the Titans, their aggressive style of play, their Head Coach, and how they play well on the road — I’ve got to be honest, all of it surprised me. Anyone who knows me personally probably thought that I paid an ungodly amount of money to hear Cowherd say what he said, but I assure you, with our third kid on the way, and having bought a new house recently – ya boy don’t have the cash flow to offer someone to speak kindly about the Titans.



As you can see above, Cowherd said, “Everyone in Ohio went out and picked up a pocket schedule and chalked up a W next to Tennessee.” He pumped the Browns brakes and goes all to talk about how the Titans had a better record than the Browns, that the Titans have also added pieces in Free Agency, and talked about the “smartest, and most successful of Bill’s (Belicheck) disciples” Mike Vrabel is the real deal. He later mentions – “(The Titans) are going to be one of your toughest games in the first month, if not your toughest game.”

As a Titans fan, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, Tres, you’re not telling us anything we don’t already know,” and I get it. But here is what is really happening with this momentary event. Cowherd has some hot takes, and most of the mentions I’ve had on Twitter in response to the post I made was that of – “Finally something I agree with from Cowterd.” My point isn’t hinging on Cowherds credibility; my point is that the national media is recognizing the hard work that Jon Robinson, Mike Vrabel, and the countless others on staff for the Titans who have been scouting, writing reports, and researching all of these players that have been brought in since Robinson took over as GM. Our Tennessee Titans don’t have an Odell Beckham Jr or a Myles Garret, but what they do have is a reputation that they will punch you directly in the teeth like they did again the Cowboys and Patriots last year, as Cowherd mentioned – and no we didn’t obliterate the Eagles, but I did enjoyed the semantics.

Do I think this proverbial “sticker on the Titans chart” is worth the farm? No, but it sure as hell feels awesome to hear an unbiased, well-respected nationally recognized media member talk about how this team in little ole Nashville was one game away from the playoffs and has a Head Coach that “is gonna work.” The fun part is, this shout-out from Cowherd comes a week prior to Nashville hosting the NFL Draft where all media outlets are going to show off our beloved Music City.

Lastly, Colin concluded his rant about the Browns with this age old truth – “Expectations change everything.” The Titans have been the overlooked team for quite some time, but there is no doubt that Titans fans have been saying what Cowherd said for years. Ever since Amy Adams-Strunk stepped in as controlling Owner of the Titans, there has been a significant shift within the organization, fan expectations, and yes I believe a major part of that has to do with Jon Robinson. The expectations of Titans fans have evolved from being the 2-14 Ruston Webster led worst to coming off of three winning seasons, and the fact is, we all know that ending this last year at 9-7 was a success after the amount of injuries these Titans took on all throughout the year. Yes, the Titans got handed a tough 2019 schedule, but so did every other team in the AFC South. The slate is clean, Titans fans expectations have changed, the two-tone hype is building, and I cannot wait to see “THE BOYS” to pop the Brownies in the mouth Week 1!

If you’re a Titans fan, followme on Twitter (@treswinn) and let’s continue the Titans conversation. As always, Titan Up!


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