You GRANTed Us Three Great Years

As of about 10:10 AM, Grant Williams officially announced he will be staying in the NBA Draft via a sit down interview with Shams Charania of Stadium. 

Grant initially gave an indication he would announce on Saturday 5/18. But he must’ve heard all he needed to hear after measurements and 5 on 5 scrimmages. He has been projected anywhere from 30 to as low as 13, pending on the mock draft. So, he must have had multiple promises to stay in high teens to mid 20s.

Grant measurements were solid, but nothing earth shattering. His height w/ shoes was better than expected. If one inch height doesn’t matter, ask Kyler Murray. (Also enter any dirty one extra inch jokes here)

Height w/ shoes: 6’7.5″

Weight: 240.2 Lbs.

Wingspan: 6’9.75″

Hand width: 10.5″ (Same as Tacko Fall)

Grant wound up being middle of the road in many of the agility and jumping test. That is his biggest knock at his size and position, is his lack of “bounce” or not being a fast twitch guy that can make up for his lack of size.

Even though he could not buy a bucket during the scrimmages, he played exactly the role scouts waned to see. He ran the point forward spot, passed well, and moved well on defense. They want to see how he did when he switched off on guards in a high pick and roll, and it sounds like they were impressed. He has always been a good help side defender picking when to block shots and knowing when to build a wall and just go straight up and force guards to shoot over top.


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Grant has too high of a basketball IQ not to succeed in the NBA. But he will be a product of his system I believe. If he were to be on a team that plays the now a days position-less basketball and get to operate as somewhat of a point forward, you could see him really thrive in the NBA. Many project him as a Boris Diaw ie. Spurs era, maybe a little less chubby version of that. Boris was very valuable in those times and ran a lot of that offense in championship years. I’m not saying that is his ceiling but that is not a bad start.

As for the Bone and Schofield, both did very solid in drills. Bone was actually the talk of the town after all the drills finishing first in 4/5 and 2nd in Vertical.

Standing vertical jump — 36.0
Shuttle run — 2.78
Lane agility — 9.97
Three quarter sprint — 3.03

Here is how Bone compared to well know athletes of the NBA!

He did OK in the scrimmage portion. Usually combine 5 vs 5 is a little sloppy, but per Jay Bilas he wanted to see a little more out of him. Jordan started out with the first 2 buckets in his scrimmage but did misjudge some defensive assignments and got a little careless with the ball.

BUT, when scouts see that Derrick Rose or Westbrook type athleticisim, they start salivating. I believe he will be a steal in this draft in the mid to late 2nd round.

Bone did state he will be making his final decision on May 29th.

Scho showed he will be agile enough in the NBA. He gets stereotyped as a block tight hip athlete due to his stature, but he moves well and overall fitness has been a priority for him over the last year. He was the fastest forward in the shuttle run and will hopefully shoot well in drills today.

After yesterday I think all these guys will be drafted and do very well. I know we are all going to miss the hell out of all them. They have earned all the money and notoriety they get this weekend and in their future careers. They are all class acts and Vol Nation will love seeing all the attention these beloved VFL’s will get.

Go Vols



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