The Real Reason The Titans Offense Stinks

The Tennessee Titans offense hasn’t been great. It hasn’t even been good. It’s been less than mediocre at best. The majority of the fault isn’t on Marcus Mariota, Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis, or any of the Titans Wide Receivers. On May 29th, Jim Wyatt, Senior Writer for wrote an article comparing Marcus Mariota’s stats to that of Vince Young, and the beloved Steve McNair, and it exposed the real reason for everyone to see. This isn’t the first time Jim has done this type of comparison, but today the most significant reason for the Offense’s and Marcus Mariota’s struggles were clear. Yes, he’s had unreliable Wide Receiver’s, a new Offensive Coordinator almost every season, numerous Head Coaches; but let me tell you why the Titans offense has stunk.

Comparing Mariota, Young, and McNair

As you can see, one stat has stuck out more than others, and I am unbiased impressed that Mariota has more TDs, better QB Rating, and a higher completion %, but he’s done it all while hes been sacked almost twice as much as Young and significantly more than McNair, who happened to have led the Titans to a Super Bowl. 

There have been some that have called me a “blind Mariota lover,” but believe me; as someone who bought in and got burnt by Young and Locker – I sure as hell am not blindly believing in a guy who can’t compete. Neither Young and Locker can compare to Mariota in almost any category when they’re all healthy and on the field. It’s been made clear that the Mariota has struggled due to the changes on the Coaching staff, dropped passes, but not a single problem can compare to how bad the Titans offensive line has been over the course of the last four seasons. In 2016, Mariota had his best season and DeMarco Murray had the AFC Rushing Title, but what took Jon Robinson so long to make the necessary changes to roster? Now that Jon Robinson has bolstered the Offensive Line, expectations are sky rocketing for Mariota and the Titans offense. 

I am telling you here and now, if for some reason Marcus Mariota is not extended or Franchise Tagged after 2019, there will be a long line of teams calling Ryan Tollner to get a deal done. As Matt Neely has made clear, Marcus has very similar stats to some great QBs through their first four seasons in the NFL:

Now compare Mariota to Brees:

Brees’ Totals vs. Mariotas Totals Through Four Seasons:

Brees – Passing Yards: 8,875, TD: 56, INTs: 38, Passer Rating: 86.0

Mariota – Passing Yards: 12,004, TD: 69, INTs: 42, Passer Rating: 89.4

As I stated before, I am not blindly supporting a bad QB, and I’m also not floating in the clouds over Mariota either. I can’t help but support and believe in a guy who changes the outcome of games when he plays, and I believe in 2019, he will start as many or more games than he has ever before and he will change headlines when people write about his name.

Titan Up, y’all.





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