Titan Up! Okay, Sure, But What Does That Even Mean?

Paul Kuharsky recently wrote an article entitled “As the Titans search for their Smashville, what would you tell them?” I encourage you to go read it in full for yourself, but in a nutshell he points out how the Tennessee Titans need to establish a new slogan that embodies the identity of Tennessee Titans football. The current slogan in question is that of “Titan Up.” Having said it for years without having a clue of what it means, I can agree with Paul that it doesn’t strike fear into any opponents and it is indeed the slogan that the organization clumsily stumbled into during some down years in an effort to try and engage fans.

In 1999, the Tennessee Titans established a new team name by playing off the themes that Nashville, Tennessee is the Athens, Greece of the south. Study.com gives this explanation of the Titans as:

“Although they were eventually replaced by more familiar figures, like Zeus, the Titans played an important role in Greek mythology and helped the Greeks to explain natural phenomena like earthquakes or the development of tools such as fire for cooking and heating one’s home.”

In 2018, the Tennessee Titans organization revealed their new uniforms and played deeper into the Titan theme by emphasizing the use of the sword which can be found on the helmet, the grey and silver accents on the shoulders of the jersey, and on the pants where a “warrior” would sheath his weapon. When the reveal happened, I didn’t notice the small details, but since then its become one of my favorite parts of the uniform design.

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My Proposal For A New Titans Slogan

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How many times have you sat back in a movie theater or even at your home to watch a war film like Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, or even the recently controversial Game of Thrones? These are great productions that feature full scale battle scenes that get your heart pounding and by the end you are ready to run through a wall due to the adrenaline rush! We see scenes with archers lighting their arrows on fire, soldiers lighting catapults on fire, and you just know somebody is about to get lit up! With the Titans theme in mind of a Titan warrior, if I were to propose an idea for a new Titans “slogan” to replace “Titan Up” – I’d have to go with the slogan “Light It Up!” And for the record, I ain’t talking about lighting up your doobie, we’re talking about going to battle and lightin’ someone up! 

Related imageThe Titans logo is a ball engulfed in flames and if we’re adding to the theme of how the Titan is a warrior who is armed with a sword and someone who launches balls of fire, this would be fitting! A warrior prepares for battle by sharpening his sword and lighting up his arrow or whatever he’s launching from this catapult. This gives fans a slogan to say that actually means something but gives them a “were going to war” chant. But let me tell you why this is idea is a great idea for the fan base.

As an Atlanta Braves fan, the slogan of “Chop On” is exactly what the Titans need to look for as a guide if they’re looking to engage fans in the stadium. Let me use the Braves as an example. For decades, they have used the Native American drums and the very famous war chant and it’s proven to be one of the most intimidating environments in Baseball and it also provides one of the coolest experiences for Braves fans. You can see it here below:

Let me give another example. The famed International Rugby team of the New Zealand All Blacks have by far the most intimidating culture because of their famous Maori War Dance, the “Haka” which you can see below:

This is a very sacred cultural tradition that few get to led, but as many of New Zealand’s opponents have admitted this Haka is incredibly intimidating. No, I’m not asking for the Titans do slap their thighs and do a tribal war dance,  but I believe it’s a missed opportunity for the Titans to embrace and further grow into this Titan warrior theme by giving fans a way to being active in the home field advantage

The Titans have done one cool thing for the in-stadium experience by using the war chant from 300 “A’oo! A’oo! A’oo!” when the Titans get a first down. I think they’re on the right track to move away from the songs and chants they’ve used for 20 years. They can definitely up the ante and change how opposing teams feel about playing the Titans at home. As you can see below, the Titans have the perfect embodiment of their warrior in Dion Harris and sorry T-Rac, but unless you’re foaming at the mouth – the cute and fluffy raccoon is far from intimidating.

Mascot Animation edited by Brian Moore of Cover32
Imagine this with me: How cool would it be to see a night game at Nissan stadium where they could dim the lights like the Braves do at SunTrust Park and and engage fans in attendance by having them “Light It Up” and turn on cellphone lights or give out a Titans themed light to wave. Yes, its only happens once or twice a season to play at night and they’d probably have to replace the current lights to do this, but still stay with me..

The Titans should put their own twist on a version of the Steeler’s terrible towel. Put LIGHT IT UPthe “Light It Up” slogan on their own towels, give them out to fans (I think the red would be cool to feature the same color of the Tennessee State flag, but also the accented red on the Titans uniforms), and during a big defensive stand have Dion in full Titan garb come on jumbo-tron getting the crowd hyped up, play a variation of the famous chorus of the song “My Song Know What You Did In The Dark,” tie in the best speeches from every great war movie ever, and it builds to this point the announcer saying, “ALRIGHT TITANS FANS, IT’S TIME TO LIGHT IT UP,” – cue all the war horns clips they can find to play over the speakers, throw in some sound clips of something catching on fire and you’ve got 69,143 people are waving their towels and screaming their heads off as they support the Two-Toned blue! 

In general, the Titans have failed by not selling helmets, shields, swords, and other warrior themed items to further embrace this warrior theme. Yes, the culture has changed in the locker room, but it’s time the Titans focus on changing the culture of the fan experience. Given the Titans have used the terminology of “Ignite The Fire” I think #LightItUp would fit like a glove. 

Light It Up!

game of thrones fire GIF by Nerdist.com

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