The Overly Emotional Initial Reaction: Georgia State

It’s funny how the good Lord gives you life teasers, in the right ways. Throughout this entire week, my morning walk out to the car heading to work has been met with the cool crisp East Tennessee air. The type of air and type of mornings that remind you of Saturdays of Fall and that FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK, BABY!

Took off an extra day on Friday. Journeyed up to Johnson City to see all my college buddies. We started a new podcast and I was ready to have a good friend’s weekend. I was excited to see what this fully loaded staff was going to look like while having all this young talent.

That excitement faded early. Very early.

1st Quarter:

  • Anxiousness was kicking in hard and ESPNU wasn’t helping the cause. And most of us were thinking: “If this Miss State vs Louisiana game doesn’t end, I’m gonna lose it” 
  • 1st drive (TN Ball)
    • Huh, I was wondering where Ryan Leaf was. 
    • “Well, I don’t hate the first down send.
    • You gotta be kidding me, catch the ball Ty!…. ” 
      • Swing pass bobbled and half fumbled/ half intercepted by GA State.
  • 2nd drive (GA State)
    • Awesome, let’s let this underdog team start with a short field..
    • To’oto’o is gonna be such a stud 🙂
    • I know its GA state on drive 1, but this Dan Ellington is pretty good.
    • Well, being down 7-0 to GA State is not how I wanted this season to start… 
  • 3rd Driver (TN Ball) 7-0
    • Wow, lets run a sweep, not block, and lose 3 yards. Makes since if you don’t think about it… 
    • Good to see all 3 Running Backs getting work, though. 
    • Note: “DWA is probably TN’s best player” thanks Clay Matvick. Lets hold off on the heavy takes this early…
    • Ok. ok. Finding a little rhythm, JG
    • Eric Gray, shifty.
    • Oline, still needs work
    • Fade Away to Callaway! TD Tennessee! (7-7)
  • 4th Drive (GA St) 7-7
    • SHAMBURGER!!! Sack!
    • That GA State coach is sweating profusely.  
    • Good stop. Let’s get the ball back and turn this game back going our way.
  • 5th Drive (TN Ball) 7-7
    • If Jennings catches the ball, it’s not gonna be an easy take down for defenders.
    • Look at that push for the first down!
    • TY Chandler, fast. TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE! (7-14)

2nd Quarter:

  • 6th Drive (GA St. Ball) 7- 14
    • *Sees Pruitt run down the sideline in white windbreaker: “I just love Jeremy Pruitt. Mainly because he is everything Lyle was not.”
    • Wow, beautiful throw & catch! Risky throw, but beautiful Mr. Ellington.
    • Georgia State coach, still extremely sweaty. Can we get this man a new shirt?!
    • I honestly thought Shamburger made that pick. 
    • Uh, the first down TV line is having a freak out.
  • 7th Drive: (TN Ball) 7-14
    • The Tennessee Vols’ coaching staff isn’t missing many meals.
    • Smart JG runs, big fan. Except, lets not slide 1 yard short of the first..
    • That 1 yard short slide. Really came back to bite us.
      • Come up short on a 3rd & 1. 
    • Ole Punter Doyle is the guy we all say “I’m definitely a better athlete than that guy” but, in reality, we aren’t…
  • 8th drive (GA State ball) 7-14
    • Ellington, way to hang in there, I guess. That Banks train was coming in hot.
    • Darrell, you left your ankles back there
    • What a recovery swat away by Taylor.
    • Horrendous Pass Interference call. Good D, Warrior.
    • Wow, our entire defense just got big boyed…Bennett and his floppy hands are flying around the ball this drive. Impressive.
    • Dan Ellington, with a dime of a throw. (*frustration sigh*) Tie football game.. 
      • Cornelius McCoy 17 Yd pass from Dan Ellington..
  • 9th drive (TN Ball)  14-14 
    • Well that was a weird fumble scramble. 
    • Jennings is definitely not ok with this tie going into halftime 
      • Beautiful 15 yard Throw and catch JG to Jennings
    • JG and Jennings doing work right now.
    • Vols have to freaking score before half…
    • Wow talk about a lucky PI call. 
      • Ball picked off, but the receiver’s actual defender held. Lucky break. 
    • That throw and catch has to be made in the back of the endzone. (Face Palm)
    • Field Goal….Not the first half of the season you want. 
Let’s be honest, I made and had a strong drink during at halftime. The nerves are running thin at this point, but I believe most of us were still thinking this would just wind up being a close win.



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3rd Quarter:

  • 10th Drive GA STATE BALL 14-17
    • Paige is a tough little running back for GA state 
    • Vols are getting pressure, but just a step to slow.. Can’t keep getting beat in one on one matchups.
    • Uhhhhh the Reggie Bush hurdle scares the crap out of me.
    • There is always somebody open for GA State… 
    • TD Georgia State 
  • 11th Drive TN BALL 21-17
    • Good return from TY. 
    • Jhi’Shawn, what a name. Learn how to tie your shoes though, Jhi’Shawn.
    • This is tough to watch.
    • “This crowd may riot if they punt it” – Ryan Leaf 
    • Wow we can’t convert against GA State right now.
  • 12th drive GA STATE BALL 21-17
    • This GA State coach’s sweaty shirt is a lucky omen i guess…
    • Wow we keep getting pressure, but nothing really coming out of it. Lucky it was a slightly bad throw. 
  • 13th drive TN BALL 21-17
    • Someone missed an assignment.
    • Brent Cimaglia is a little too jacked up for that kick… But whatever, its 3.
  • 14th Driver GA State Ball 21-20
    • Oooo thought we swatted away that pitch good option defense, Vols.
    • This is seriously one of the most boring games… 
    • How can we not stop them???… 
    • The head coach sweaty shirt, is somehow getting sweatier.
    • Wow the sunny side of the stadium seats are cleared out. Do not blame those fans for leaving.
    • Need a pep up: *turns on Post Malone’s new single – “Circles”*
    • Back to GA State pushing us for a 5 yard game and Jeremy Hood making frustration noises in the background… 
    • YUGE Strip sack! Tennessee recovers!

4th Quarter:

  • TEN BALL 21-20
    • After a first big play, we run 3 bad ones..
      • Have to learn to keep momentum after big gains..
    • Settle for a field goal. Tennessee Takes the lead. 
  • GA State Ball 21-23
    • “You know Jim Chaney kinda looks like a big lesbian. We should just name him Jan Chaney.” – Friend in the room.
    • Crowd finally getting back into it = big option play from GA State (insert face palm)
    • There is someone WIDE open every play for GA state!
    • LOL they just put a clinic on us…
      • GA 18 yard rushing TD
    • The camera panning to the upset, hot, and exhausted fans in the stands is just cold… 
    • Wow, they could have scored that 2 point conversion in 2 different ways, yet they made it tough on themselves. 
      • Get bailed out on a penalty, and they one get an XP. 
  • TN BALL 28-23
    • Tennessee only has 17 yards rushing this half…. haha
    • Jennings has been a stand out today.
    • JG just didn’t even see or feel that corner blitz. 
      • Gets blown up and fumbles. Recovered by GA State. 
  • GA State. 28-23
    • We’re gonna lose this MF’n game.
    • BIG 3 and out, oh wait… We had too many men on the field. Shooting ourselves in the foot.
    • ZERO Sense of urgency.
    • GA state converts another third down
    • UPDATE: GA State head coach’s extremely sweaty shirt has crept down to his pants. No Romo, but his crotch is now extremely sweaty.
    • QB keeps the option and runs in another TD.. 
    • 2 Vols now on the ground.. “Are they hurt or are they just sad??” – Chris Jones
  • TN BALL 35-23
    • This is comical. Why is the smallest and Freshman running back is in the game for blitz pick up… 
    • JG sacked, quickly, by the guy our smallest freshman running back was supposed to pick up on the blitz.
    • Fans should not be able to pick up this stuff and the coaching staff not notice..
    • HAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAH JG throws a pick. 
  • GA State Ball 35-23
    • This is unbelievable. 
    • Ryan Leaf has had some zingers at least. 
    • Why are you still sitting in the stands sweating Vols fans. Go home. 
    • They just crushed that field goal.
  • TN Ball 38-23
    • JG just has some bad pocket presence.
    • Gotta get rid of it or get out of that pocket. 
    • Eric Gray is good at spinning.
    • JG overthrow leads to TO on downs.
  • GA State Ball. 38-23
    • They’re just running it out.
  • TN BALL 38-23
    • TN pity TD for Jennings

FINAL 38 – 30


This was absolutely brutal to watch and hard to even comprehend. Why are the Vols never ready to play? Why is there no sense of urgency, when you are down to Georgia State? Why are all the announcers gonna struggle with saying  Guaran-TAN-o all season? I DON’T FREAKING KNOW, BUT IT ALL MAKES ME MAD! 

Ryan Leaf, never announce a Vols game. You weren’t bad, you just brought in ALLL the bad ju-ju. 

I honestly thought this was going to be close to the right score. Just flip the score, and the Vols winning with a slow start. BUT, I never would have never expected this to be the day we all witness one of, if not the worst loss, in Tennessee History. 

My personal biggest knocks of the day were play calling and effort. Jim Chaney, called a terrible game. I understand the Vols don’t want to show anything, but they came out and tried to be a little cute and had a little mishap. That stuff happens, but the Vols never recovered. The option pitch discipline was non-existent for most of the game. When the Vols got pressure, it was just a step to slow and they hit an open receiver every time. Rough night on most fronts. Quite frankly, the Vols also looked out of shape and poorly coached. 

Every coach we play all season is now going to take a fat burner before the game so they get extremely sweaty. It’s the perfect formula to beat Tennessee I guess. 

That was the worst team in the state of Georgia that handed out that loss. Godspeed, fellow Vol Fans.


 Your Overly Emotional Fellow Fan, 

Chase Green


Thanks for reading guys and gals. Stay tuned every week for these “Overly Initial Reaction” articles. I’ll be bringing you all the same slightly regrettable reactions and words we all have during Tennessee Vols games. 

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