Dear Marcus Mariota..

Today is a bittersweet day. The Titans season is over after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2019 AFC Championship game. At the same time, it’s even more bittersweet because an era is officially ending today as Marcus Mariota will clean out his locker at Saint Thomas Sports park for the final time.

“Dear Marcus Mariota,

I wish I could summarize all that has happened during your time in Tennessee with my beloved Tennessee Titans. Honestly, I can’t begin to fathom what it is like for one of the thirty-two NFL teams to pick me, hand me the keys to their Franchise, and have nothing but belief in my abilities. In the time that you’ve been here, I’ve honestly grow as a person, married, had three kids, and for what it’s worth – watching you lead this team with the amount of humility, focus, hard work, and self belief; it’s challenged me as a person to attack every single day with the desire to be the best I can be. Football aside, you’re the type of person that I would want as a friend knowing that you are truly a “ride or die” individual. You don’t quit, you don’t give up, and even after a QB change was made this year, I have no doubt that you did everything you could to still ensure that this team had the best chance to win, week in and week out.

To think of where the Titans are today and how far they have come since they drafted you in 2015 – the Organization, the fans, the City of Nashville, and the State of Tennessee should all applaud you and tip their hats knowing that you give your everything to help this team win. I fully believe that you embodied the slogan “Titan Up” when you consistently found ways to come back in games that most counted us out of and showed the type of determination that had fans on their seats. You played hurt, gave your everything, and never even looked at the option of quitting cause that is the type of person and football player you are.

Times change, chapters end, and journey’s take turns that nobody foresees, but I honestly hope you understand that you are a Titan for life and regardless of where your football career takes you going forward, you will always have a home in Tennessee.

We love you Marcus. Thank you for everything,”



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