“Are Y’all Going To Cover CFC?”

The title of this post is a question that our team has gotten on numerous occasions since we started ChattTenn Sports. Yes, we love our regional teams – the Titans, Vols, Preds, and Braves – but there is nothing like having our very own local professional team like the Chattanooga Football Club. It’s clear that this city loves the boys in blue and so does ChattTenn Sports! We are excited to say that we are currently looking for contributors to provide our audience with high quality content that focuses solely on the Chattanooga Football Club. 

What Is ChattTenn Sports?

In case you’re new to us, we’d like to introduce ourselves. ChattTenn Sports is a Digital Media and Event Company that provides sports fans in the Greater Chattanooga, Tennessee area a community to engage, interact, and connect with throughout the year. Our team of Writers and Podcasters share their opinions and insight to break down the most recent topics and events for their respective teams every week. We currently cover the Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Atlanta Braves, and Tennessee Volunteers and with your help, looking to add the Chattanooga Football Club to that list of teams!

What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for Writers and Podcasters to provide high quality coverage and engaging content that focuses on the Chattanooga Football Club. We want this group to be able to relate to die-hard fans like The Chattahooligans but also appeal to casual fans so they can grow in their CFC fandom! It’s clear that Soccer has grown more and more popular over the years and we want to celebrate our hometown team with the coverage they deserve!

“I’ve Never Made A Podcast or Written For A Website..”

Look, we understand that this sounds like a ton of work, would require a studio, plan meeting times, set-up, tear-down, and it may keep you from expressing your interest! However, the software we use for both Writers and Podcasters makes it as easy as possible to produce high quality content for both listeners and readers to enjoy. Our team can help get you set up and running to ensure that technology won’t keep you from sharing your best hot take!

Why Join ChattTenn Sports?

We are a Chattanooga-based company that prides itself on providing community and coverage to our diverse group of fan bases within the Scenic City. We are a unique entity in a market that is full of different cultures and communities that is in the midst of a melting pot of sports fans and we want to use our influence to bring people together. We have the tools, resources, and platform to give a voice to those who have something worth saying about the teams our audience cares about. We have opportunities for our contributors to gain financially through advertisements and sponsorship, as well as join a team that seeks to grow in their craft together. 

If you have interest in joining our team and would like to cover Chattanooga Football Club, please email us at ChattTennSports@gmail.com or connect with us via Social Media! 

We would like to invite those in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to join us for one of our events, meet our crew, and join the community that has been building with ChattTenn Sports! All are welcome! Feel free to join the Newsletter to get Events and other updates delivered to your inbox! Click here to join the Newsletter and see our Event Schedule!

Thanks for reading and GO CFC!



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