Kentucky Overly Emotional Initial Reaction

Oy… Could yesterday have gone any worse? 

November 24, 1984. That is the last time the Kentucky Wildcats came to Knoxville and won. 

Quick fun fact. 

The number 1 and 2 songs on the Billboard Top 100 that week:

1.) “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – Wham

2.) “Purple Rain” – Prince and the Revolution

(Back to your regularly scheduled being upset with Tennessee Vols football)

It’s one thing to see poor quarterback play, we’ll come back to this in a minute, but the lack of effort is inexcusable. Yes, back to back pick sixes can be demoralizing. When those tough moments fall on a team, that’s when you find out how tough mentally your guys actually are. I don’t mean to give cliche coach lines, but it’s the truth. After those first two drives, this team for the most part laid down. Yes, this team is talented, but it is not talented enough to not have dips in effort. We’ve all seen when this team is locked in they can win football games. 

There should have been a pride factor coming into this game. After a demoralizing final 18 to 19 minutes against Georgia the week before, Tennessee should have come locked in. But Jarrett Guarantano finally capped off his career with the Tennessee Volunteers. 

JG had a chance to have a comeback moment in the eyes of Vols fans. If he were to come out and just do pretty good, this game would’ve been totally different. 

But the comments coming throughout Parkway Pourhouse explain everyone’s feelings after the fumble & two pick 6s: 





As I said on the Volhalla Podcast Thursday, this Kentucky team is going to come ball hawking.  They had 6 picks against Mississippi State the week before. On the first pick 6, yes he had pressure, but he never saw the linebacker blitzing, because he was too busy staring down the wideout. The 2nd pick was the JG demons resurfacing. He had all the time in the world, he just didn’t see the linebacker and hit him right in the chest. Somehow this team also let a 6’2 233 lbs linebacker take it 85 yards. 


I have been a defender of Pruitt’s decision to keep JG in, because I believed Guarantano was the best of the worst. I had heard all offseason Shrout had picked it up, but if he had really made strides, he would’ve been playing sooner. As we saw, JT wasn’t ready for the moment. 

With the Harrison Bailey situation, I do think he’s going to be good. It’s made clear, Pruitt and company didn’t really want to go with him at all this this season. Bailey didn’t get much time at all in the offseason to get work in with COVID hampering the offseason and also he was in a 2 week quarantine. Now the hope of the season looks to be in a deep dark crevasse. Which really sucks, because again outside of quarterback, and now lack of effort, this team is pretty damn good throughout. 

This week is a tough spot for Pruitt and Chaney. I see both sides of the Harrison Bailey argument. 

Wait Camp: Do you really want the first start of a true Freshman to be against this Alabama team? Lets let Shrout take that beating.

Start Camp: He’s going to have to play this type of competition the rest of his career, and Tennessee is probably going to lose anyways, why not let Bailey see what it is going to be like?

So, where are you at, peeps?

Are you in the Wait camp or the start camp for Harrison Bailey?

Have a wonderful whatever day you’re reading this, you beautiful VFLs.

As always. Follow the podcast wherever you listen. 

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