Opinion: Jeremy Pruitt is just Butch Jones without a chart

Tennessee Football is 15-14 with multiple inexcusable home losses in Jeremy Pruitt’s first 2+ seasons as head coach. In comparison, Butch Jones was 14-15 with only 1 inexcusable home loss through 29 games. 

And honestly considering the schedules, Butch probably would’ve beat both BYU and Georgia State, but lost to Auburn. Both coaches talked the talk, then made excuses when the results were lacking. They both continually made extremely questionable decisions, the only difference being Butch was consulting a chart. Pruitt is just making bad decisions. 

The worst of the bad decisions for both has been QB1. It is scary how similar the Vols current QB situation is to 2014 with Worley/Peterman/Dobbs. In 2014, Butch claimed Dobbs “wasn’t ready.” Pulled Worley in favor of Peterman (sorry for the reminder) and quickly put Worley back in when Peterman failed. It wasn’t until his hand was forced due to injury that Dobbs got significant playing time, and He proved to be a gamer. We can split hairs over if we’d have won more games had Dobbs started sooner, but most reasonable folks would agree he was the best QB in the 2014 QB room.

Here we are 6 years later, with the same jacked up situation in the QB room. The same way Butch stuck with Worley for too long, Pruitt is dying on JG’s hill. It’s time to pull the plug on #2. At its best, this football team will be a little bit better than average with him taking snaps. And at its worst, well, we all watched what happened on Saturday. Quit claiming Harrison Bailey “isn’t ready.” I’m confident Bailey will prove to be the best QB in the room this year, if given the opportunity. 

There’s still time for Pruitt to right this ship, but that window is closing fast. And until proven otherwise, Jeremy Pruitt is just Butch Jones without a chart.

6 thoughts on “Opinion: Jeremy Pruitt is just Butch Jones without a chart

  1. I agree that Pruitt’s blind loyalty to JG or inability to have developed anyone else to take his place will be reason enough to fire him if he sticks with him any longer. Alabama should be JG’s last game as a starter and if I ever see his bow and arrow move again I will gag. JG’s toughness last year was appreciated and he should have left then with a good reputation and went to Rutgers. Our future is with Harris Bailey from what I can see with Mauer as a back up and keep recruiting. Unless you can pass to open up the run game you have zero chance to win more 7 or 8 games a year in the SEC.


  2. Most Tennessee fans gave up on the school years ago. They won’t pay for quality coaches and expect fans to spend money on sub standard product. We quit caring a decade ago.


  3. @KC, Pruitt and his staff have been on Rocky Top 3 years. If we have not recruited over Butches players or developed those players, we again have the wrong coaching staff on the sidelines. Not saying its time to fire the staff at all, but we need to see some development and success.


  4. The difference is Butch Jones lost games with good players. Pruitt has lost games with Butch’s underdeveloped recruits while trying to develop them. Butch lost games he had no business losing. Pruitt lost games he was expected to lose, exception was the Kentucky game. QB’s made some poor decisions giving up picks, and then Cheney was scared to throw the football and kept it on the ground after the picks. Give it time. Pruitt is the better coach, is bringing in better recruits. This year has been hard on all. I’m sure if we would have had every player available for every practice, and had more practices, instead of being quarantined and missing lots of practice time we would be a lot better and further along. Quit writing stupid articles that show your ignorance.

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