For The Last Time: Bench Him!

Coming into this season, many of us believed Tennessee was “just a QB away” from competing for a trip to Atlanta. That could still be the case, but the only way to find out is benching Jarrett Guarantano permanently.

Let’s get this out of the way: QB play was not the only (and maybe not even the biggest) reason the Vols were taken to the woodshed. For starters, that Alabama offense is really, really good. The defense didn’t get many stops, but this offense also hung 41 on a Georgia team that many believed was the best defense in the country. What I witnessed on Saturday was a Vols offense with no leadership or confidence in their ability to compete. On multiple occasions, receivers were visually showing their frustration with JG. Assuming Jim Chaney wasn’t inebriated, he also showed a complete lack of trust in his QB. Everybody in the stadium knew what play was coming before the ball was snapped.

After the game, Jeremy Pruitt promised the Big Orange faithful “It may not show it on the scoreboard, But I can assure you the gap is closing.” But is the gap between Tennessee & Alabama actually closing? Is there really any other way to measure “the gap” other than the scoreboard?

In year 3, Pruitt lost this game by 31 points. I hate to keep this comparison going, but in year 3 Butch Jones & Co had a lead with less then 3 minutes to go but lost to eventual National Champion Alabama by 5. Let me stop right here to make something clear: I desperately want to be wrong. I have bled orange for almost 30 years. But emotions aside, Jeremy Pruitt has not proven he’s any better as a head coach.

To Coach Pruitt: Please, for the love of all things orange, get this right. Prove me wrong; you’re not Butch Jones. Make all of Vol Twitter quote tweet me and tag Old Takes Exposed. Expose me to the wrath of misspelled insults on Vol Facebook. Whether it’s in favor of Harrison Bailey or Brian Maurer, please bench Jarrett Guarantano.

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