How do the Vols turn their season around?

In recent years, It’s not uncommon that a Tennessee Football team comes up short of their expectations. Through 2.5 games it seemed the Vols might be turning that corner. Then they forgot to come out of the locker room. After a third straight embarrassing loss, there’s a lot to fix. First things first, Bench JG. I’ve already made this point, so I’ll be brief: It’s time to move on. Naturally, other areas will improve with better QB play, but here’s 3 other problems the Vols need to fix in order to finish the season strong.

1. The offensive line needs to gel.

This is easier said than done since a lot of the guys in the rotation are banged up, but this line is much more talented than 135 rush yards per game. That’s good for 10th in the SEC. Once these guys finally start working together as a unit, watch out. If they can clean up the communication issues and missed assignments, they might can reclaim the title of “TVA”.

2. Henry To’oto’o needs to lead

Tennessee’s defenders look confused and out of place, a lot. And specifically on 3rd down. This has turned into the Vols ranking 81st in 3rd down defense, a conversion rate of over 47%. Individually, Henry is having a pretty good season, but he needs to step up his leadership. Eliminate the confusion and I think you’ll see the amount of missed tackles decrease as well. Overall, it seems this defense is lacking the leadership that Daniel Bituli brought to last years defense.

3. Chaney needs to get creative

His play calling has been predictable. To a point, his hands have been tied due to mediocre-to-terrible QB play and sloppy performances from the OL. But that’s when the OC needs to find ways to get the ball to speedsters & playmakers. We brought in Velus Jones Jr. for his speed. While his fair catch signal has impeccable form, he can contribute offensively more than the 10 receiving yards per game.

There is there’s a lot more to improve on but these are the next 3 rungs on the ladder. If the Vols can get these things on the right track before they take the field against Arkansas, there’s a solid chance we’re ending the season on a high note.

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