Titans Make Moves To Better Team

Authors: Jackson Sparks & Tres Winn

Titans Trade For CB Desmond King

You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to know that the Titans defense finally hit rock bottom on Sunday. On an afternoon where all signs pointed toward a party in the Bengals backfield, Tennessee registered a goose egg in the Quarterback hits and sacks columns.

Once again, Johnathon Joseph and company were picked apart, with very little resistance. The ball came out quick and effectively negated any pass-rush opportunity. The 2020 first overall pick, Joe Burrow, schooled the boys in blue in route to a 31-20 Cincinnati victory.

Apparently for Jon Robinson, he had seen enough.

It was announced around 1 p.m. EST that the Titans had acquired former All-Pro defensive back Desmond King, (Schefter.) Take PFF grades however you want to, but King has been the highest graded slot CB in the league since entering in 2017. The former Iowa Hawkeye was named a first-team All-Pro defensive back in 2018 and possessed an elite PFF grade of 90.5. Thus far in 2020, King’s PFF grade is 74.0…. still well above average

As it was revealed that Tennessee only gave up a 6th-round draft choice, Titans twitter erupted. This trade is a win/win for the Titans. Even if they fail to extend the 25-year-old corner, a 6th-roound selection is worth a one-year rental.

Many Titans faithful were hoping for Stephon Gilmore. I’d argue that King was an even better case-scenario; he is five years younger and they can feel good about offering him a long-term deal to stay in Tennessee.

With the addition of King, and Adoree Jackson’s return imminent, time will tell what this Titans defense is truly capable of. Hopefully, better days are upon us.

Beasley, Brinkley, and Joseph Cut

On Tuesday, November 4th, Jon Robinson cut three players! LS Beau Brinkley, CB Jonathan Joseph, and OLB Vic Beasley were notified of their release and Titans fan were left with their wishes fulfilled. It’s been well documented that Jonathan Joseph has been a liability in the secondary. Issue is now, the Titans have to wait to see if the issues on the Secondary will be shored up. Desmond King won’t be ready to go until Sunday prior to gametime, and we still don’t know if Adoree Jackson will be back.

Another question raised by these moves is who is going to fill the void for Long-Snapper and who is going to help with the thin OLB group? Jon Robinson told the media on Wednesday that the team will rely on Practice Squad players including OLB Roberson and former Pro-Bowl LS Matt Overton.

I (Tres) personally, am not sure if we’re going to see the “leaks” get plugged up sooner than later or if we’re going to have to “wait for the bondo to harden up” and hope we see it over the next month.

Another curveball thrown at the Titans is the injury of MVPunter, Brett Kern. The Titans have worked out Dustin Colquitt, and other Punters, to fill the void, but let’s not act like this will be a simple fix. We all know how good Brett Kern is at his craft. I don’t even want to begin to think of what the Vrabel era would look like without him.

Here is the fact of the matter – the Titans have issues. The team knows it, the fans know it, and it’s a fantastic feeling when we’re not banging our heads against the wall after praying for the team to do something to alleviate these problems. The team is leading the way for this change! I mean, the ugly loss to the Bengals was no more than 48 hours old before Jon Robinson put his hands to work. He’s taken the blame in the Vic Beasley move and “we’re on the Chicago.”

Titan Up!

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