On the Brink of Being a Bust

The Tennessee Titans are 5-2. The team, fans, and all those associated with the team should be elated with that record. However, for some reason, most fans, media, and everyone in between are talking about are the glaring issues with this 5-2 team after an ugly loss to the Bengals. These issues are a plenty and it’s good to see that Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel are making moves in an effort to improve the team. However, I’m glad we’re not allowing the Wins & Losses to blind us from how the team still needs to get better!

Recently, Jon Robinson’s move to cut OLB Vic Beasley surprised most fans, but it was quickly followed with a sigh of relief, fist pump, or the ever-reliable, “LFG!” Jon Robinson’s record of finding useful pass rush help has been a rough ride since taking over as General Manager. He now has a list that include one moderate success with Kamalei Correa and turning that into a draft pick, but it’s mostly overtaken by the failures. Former Clemson OLB and Titans 2nd Round pick Kevin Dodd, Vic “He doesn’t love Football anymore” Beasley, and 37 year old Titans Legend Cameron Wake have all been the most notable blunders for Jon Robinson. The jury is still out on OLB Jadeveon Clowney, as fans and the team wait for the delivery of the promised goods – disruption! As of right now, the only that thing is being disrupted is the Defense’s break after 3rd downs.

All that to say, there is still one player who, I don’t believe, is getting the proper pushback or accountability from the media, team, or fans. As a Tennessee Titan, Harold Landry has averaged a measly 5 sacks since being drafted with the 41st pick of the 2018 Draft , which includes his 9 sack season that came just last year. So, just for some perspective here, if you take out the 2019 season, Landry has played a total of 22 games and only filled the Sack column 6 times, a 27% “sack rate,” if you will (I’ve included both full sacks and a .5 sacks for the fact checkers). After 7 games in the 2020 Season, Landry sits on just 1.5 sacks, and with the release of Vic Beasley, the focus will inevitably shift to Harold Landry. He is now the sole natural “Pass Rusher” on this roster, and with that, I’m honestly being very generous. Landry hasn’t been great in either the Pass Defense or the Run Defense, and this isn’t a situation like Corey Davis where “he didn’t have a good QB until Tannehill got here.” Landry “disappears, he’s a one trick pony, and his burst isn’t quite enough,” are some of the notes I’ve seen taken on him and I think we can all agree based on what he’s put on tape.

Look, you might be thinking, “C’mon, man! Lay off the guy!” To be honest with you – I partly agree! We should be expecting more out of the new guy who’s slated to make up to $13M with Jadeveon Clowney. However, if we’re taking off our homer hats and being honest, this doesn’t justify the reality that “Honor” Landry is on the brink of being a bust. Yes, Landry has another season and half. But if we honestly with ourselves, are we longing for more? Because, here and now, I am not.

As always with this team, I hope for the best, but I’m not afraid to compartmentalize my fandom and take a real look at this team. I’m thankful that most Titans fans are smart enough to do the same. Keyword, most.

As I mentioned before, I’m encouraged to see the moves that Jon Robinson made to better this team. There are a ton of football for the Titans to play in 2020, but as we continue on, you know what I’ll be watching in the coming weeks from #58.

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