OPINION: The Vols can’t afford to hit the reset button again

All of Vol nation is rightfully upset with the results of this season. 3-7 with all 7 losses by double digits is completely unacceptable at the University of Tennessee. Staff changes need to be made, but pulling the plug on Pruitt has the potential to be a huge mistake. In fact the only way it’s not a mistake right now is if you have Hugh Freeze waiting to sign on the dotted line.

From 1997 to 2006 the University of Alabama had 4 head coaches. Then they went and hired somebody who had success in the Power 5 before, somebody who had won a National title, somebody named Nick Saban. That seems to have worked out for them. Since 2009 Tennessee has had 4 head coaches, and if we’re moving on from #4, it HAS to be to somebody who’s had success in the the Power 5 before. It would be awesome to have a national champion, but Urban Meyer nor Bob Stoops are running through the T anytime soon. Which leaves Hugh Freeze as the only acceptable option right now.

Other names that have been mentioned to replace Pruitt, if fired, are Jamey Chadwell, Billy Napier, and Luke Fickell. All are respectable coaches who are having success at their current universities, but they’re also huge gambles in the SEC. Tennessee cannot afford another “gamble hire.” The odds of a gamble hire having sustained success in the next 3 seasons aren’t much higher, if at all, than Pruitt figuring it out and finding the same success.

If the Vols make a move, Its gotta be to Hugh Freeze. There’s no other realistic option that would make it worth hitting the reset button, again.

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