Tony Vitello: Changing the Narrative

Did you ever imagine Vols baseball talking over the Tennessee airwaves? Sure, football is the cash cow of Rocky Top, but for this 2021 spring, Tony Vitello and this baseball team have definitely made their mark. Tony Vitell has turned this program around and has gotten better every year: YEARRecordSEC RecordStandingPostseason201829–2712–18T–6th (East)201940–2114–163rd (East)NCAA Regional202015–20–0(East)Season canceled due … Continue reading Tony Vitello: Changing the Narrative

Rick Barnes Expectation vs. Reality

After Friday’s final horn sounded, what was your initial reaction? Were you mad? Surprised? Now, after letting it stew for some days, what are your thoughts? Still surprised? Disappointed?  Are you on the side of this being the biggest let down in Tennessee basketball history? Do you think Rick Barnes’ time at UT is coming … Continue reading Rick Barnes Expectation vs. Reality

Finding Fulkerson

Saturday at Thompson-Boling Arena, once again, showed the two faces of Tennessee. Most of the first half, every shot Tennessee took looked hard. Not a lot of rhythm offensively, and just subpar defense. But who was the one that kept the Vols alive and was then the catalyst of the comeback? You guessed it, Fulky.  … Continue reading Finding Fulkerson

Tales of a New Degenerate Gambler

I never believed I would be the type of person who would be selling myself into truly believing my Super Bowl bet was going to hit, because  “They want it more”.  Yet, here Dillon and I were telling ourselves an hour before the game that the Bucs walked with more swagger from the locker room. … Continue reading Tales of a New Degenerate Gambler

OPINION: The Vols can’t afford to hit the reset button again

All of Vol nation is rightfully upset with the results of this season. 3-7 with all 7 losses by double digits is completely unacceptable at the University of Tennessee. Staff changes need to be made, but pulling the plug on Pruitt has the potential to be a huge mistake. In fact the only way it’s … Continue reading OPINION: The Vols can’t afford to hit the reset button again

2020 Sucks – Virtual Winter Meetings Edition

COVID-19 claims another victim as the Baseball Winter Meetings go 100% Virtual Scott Boras must be beside himself right now. In any other year, he would be holding court in a packed hotel lobby or conference room, hundreds of reporters gathered around him, as he pontificates on the number of ways that MLB is failing … Continue reading 2020 Sucks – Virtual Winter Meetings Edition

The Real Issue of the Titans Defense

What a year, right? The Titans now sit at 6-3 after dropping another opportunity at a chance to win the AFC South. Please reread that last statement and tell me that doesn’t sound like an oxymoron. Yes, the Titans are now #9 in the AFC standings which renders them “In the Hunt” for a playoff … Continue reading The Real Issue of the Titans Defense