The Real Issue of the Titans Defense

What a year, right? The Titans now sit at 6-3 after dropping another opportunity at a chance to win the AFC South. Please reread that last statement and tell me that doesn’t sound like an oxymoron. Yes, the Titans are now #9 in the AFC standings which renders them “In the Hunt” for a playoff … Continue reading The Real Issue of the Titans Defense

Unmet Expectations

Some folks say that most relationships, both romantic and platonic, end because of one thing: unmet expectation. For the Tennessee Titans; fans, bystanders, and all in between came into the 2020 season with a certain expectation for the outcome – Super Bowl. Living off the hype of the 2019 AFC Championship run and, what we … Continue reading Unmet Expectations

On the Brink of Being a Bust

The Tennessee Titans are 5-2. The team, fans, and all those associated with the team should be elated with that record. However, for some reason, most fans, media, and everyone in between are talking about are the glaring issues with this 5-2 team after an ugly loss to the Bengals. These issues are a plenty … Continue reading On the Brink of Being a Bust

Titans Make Moves To Better Team

Authors: Jackson Sparks & Tres Winn Titans Trade For CB Desmond King You don’t have to be a die-hard fan to know that the Titans defense finally hit rock bottom on Sunday. On an afternoon where all signs pointed toward a party in the Bengals backfield, Tennessee registered a goose egg in the Quarterback hits … Continue reading Titans Make Moves To Better Team

Sunday Could Be Judgement Day For The Titans’ Pass Rush

Guest Writer: Jackson Sparks Folks, it’s time to find out what the Titans front seven is capable of. As the Cincinnati Bengals prepare to take on Jadeveon Clowney, Big Jeff and company, they will likely do so without four of their week-one starters on the offensive line.  And don’t get it wrong, that line was already atrocious before the injury bug struck. … Continue reading Sunday Could Be Judgement Day For The Titans’ Pass Rush

Why Franchise Tagging Derrick Henry Was The Right Move

This article is presented by: Jon Robinson just made the smartest decision possible with the Henry situation. Yes, as all know and it's been documented on numerous occasions, "Jon Robinson doesn't over pay for players." Tagging Derrick Henry today, after signing Ryan Tannehill yesterday to a team friendly deal yesterday, gives the team the most … Continue reading Why Franchise Tagging Derrick Henry Was The Right Move

The Running Back Paradigm

I was recently sitting at my office, and throughout the day I keep Google News open, and as I was between emails I found CBS Sports most recent 3-Round Mock Draft. "With the 29th pick the Tennessee Titans select D'Andre Swift, Running Back, University of Georgia." 6 weeks ago, I would've looked at this and … Continue reading The Running Back Paradigm

The Titans Most Valuable Expendable

It's time to get honest. There is an enormous to-do list in front of Jon Robinson as the Titans move into the 2020 season, and it's a bit concerning. Which players are worth being resigned? Who are the players the Titans need to focus on in the Draft? Who is going to be the Defensive … Continue reading The Titans Most Valuable Expendable

Taking Off The Two-Tone Lenses..

*SIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH*  "What in the hell did we do to deserve this" was a caption I read that had been written on a Titans fans sign while sitting at Nissan Stadium. I'm sure it's been passed around and I believe it's from years ago, but somehow, this same feeling lingers here still in 2019. It's been … Continue reading Taking Off The Two-Tone Lenses..