Uncle Kibby’s Weekly Locks (11/23)

Tennessee vs Vanderbilt Spread - +3.5(UT):  Taking Vandy here.  Hate to be “that guy” but I have very little faith in this Tennessee team and their ability to TCOB tomorrow.  I think Shurmer torches this young secondary, albeit a talented one.  I hope I’m wrong, but this Volunteer team is a long way from deserving … Continue reading Uncle Kibby’s Weekly Locks (11/23)

Two-Toned Fantasy

The Titans aren’t a fantasy powerhouse.  The Titans aren’t really a powerhouse of any kind, but that doesn’t matter.  Fantasy success doesn’t necessarily mean field success.  The Titans haven’t had much field success either.  Trailing the first place Texas by three games, Tennessee now has a very arduous road to the playoffs.  Hopefully the bye … Continue reading Two-Toned Fantasy

The Real Concern of the Tennessee Titans Week One Loss

The two-thousand and eighteen season is under way. We’ve endured the summer with the utmost excitement for week one and finally it’s here. However, there is no question it is not the start that the Titans wanted. Between the weather delay, the injuries, and the terrible officiating there are bigger concerns after the ugly week … Continue reading The Real Concern of the Tennessee Titans Week One Loss